Hi, I'm Rafał Kuć

Hi, my name is Rafał Kuć. Personally I’m a father of two great kids and a husband. Professionally I’m a software engineer with my head turned towards search and relevancy engineering, consultant and trainer.

I started my career as a software engineer more then 18 years ago and I’m involved in search for more then 14 years now helping organizations introducing Lucene, SolrElasticsearch (and friends) into mission critical parts of their systems using both out of the box and custom built functionalities.

Being involved in open source, in my opinion, means that I should also try to share the knowledge, which I do by giving conference talks, writing books and various blog posts.

I run – site dedicated to Apache Solr where I try to share the knowledge in English and Polish.

I’m also a co-organizer of JSession, successful Białystok JVM community meetup.

I’m the author or co-author of a few books published by Packt Publishing. My writing achievements include the following positions dedicated to Apache Solr and Elasticsearch that were also translated into multiple languages, like Chinese.

Books dedicated to Apache Solr:

Books dedicated to Elasticsearch:

In you are interested in more details about each of the books you can find it here:

I like to share the knowledge around topics like Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, performance, observability and NLP during various conferences. If you would like to hear what I had to say, you can look into the following talks I gave during such conferences as:

  • Activate
  • ApacheCon
  • DockerCon
  • Berlin Buzzwords
  • Lucene/Solr Revolution
  • Monitorama
  • Velocity
  • DevOps Days
  • GeeCon
  • and various meetups

The list of presentations with available video:

My SlideShare account can be found here.

I’m also available on social media. Some places to start:

Twitter – personal Twitter account.

LinkedIn – personal LinkedIn account.

Youtube – personal YouTube account.

Instagram – personal Instagram account.

GitHub – code, code, code – my personal and not so personal GitHub account.

Sematext YouTube – Sematext YouTube account, you can find various videos with me (mostly from conferences) or by me.

There are also videos that include my conference talks that are available on different YouTube and Vimeo channels – you can check them out here.

If you want to reach out to me you can use any of the Social Media channels.